Story Books

Use the storybooks to practice the speaking and reading skills of the students together. With this exercise tool they also learn new words in the context of the story. The storybooks can give your class just that little push to feel more at home in speaking a foreign language.

Construction + use

We have divided a large storyline into 36 practice moments. A moment can last 5-15 minutes. For example, go through the vocabulary together to better understand the text. Read the text ‘for choir’ and ask reading comprehension questions. Finally, end with a fun image or fun game accompanying the text.


We have three different levels of storybooks: Discoverers, Explorers and Pioneers. Below is an indication of which levels could be used in which classes:

  • Discoverers: Age 6/7  

Rebecca lives in California. She meets Blake and some friends. The friends like parties, eating and playing together. They all go to the same school where they learn about money and writing. They also have time to have a lot of fun together.

  • Explorers: Age 8/9

Rebecca is moving to New Jersey. Together with her family, she leaves her friends behind and makes a road trip across America. On the way, they have a lot of adventures. They travel through a desert, see a volcano, and camp in the mountains. They also visit the Grand Canyon and much more.

  • Pioneers: Age 10/11

Rebecca used to live in California, but now she is living in New Jersey. Here she meets new friends, some of them come from other countries, so she also learns about their cultures. The weather in New Jersey is very different from California. Here they have bad storms and even hurricanes. Living without electricity is not such a nice adventure.

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