Kids is an English course for primary school pupils aged 4-8. Using colorful picture books, pupils learn the basics of English in a playful way. Useful flashcards and helpful teacher manuals enables you to enjoy teaching. The smartboard materials include games, audio stories and songs.

Colorful picture books

Continuous learning path from age 4 to 12

Kids fits seamlessly with Tweens. A combination of both provides a continuous learning line for students aged 4 to 12 and beyond.

With Kids, students are offered all vocabulary that is in the first level of Tweens. That is why students who have worked with Kids move on to the second level of Tweens.



Learning through playing


Themed picture books


Lots of vocab repetition


Suggestions for enrichment


Smartboard materials

Helpful teacher manuals

The materials

The course is divided into three age groups: age 4-6, age 6-7 and age 7-8. For each age group, there are five picture books with accompanying teacher manuals and flashcard sets. Each lesson plan covers 30 minutes, but using the additional work forms, the total time can be extended to 1 hour per week. The smartboard software provides audio support with the picture book, as well as fun classroom games and songs.

Themes and levels

birthdays, seasons and weather

family and prepositions

at home and counting

colors, sizes and tropical animals

human body and health

school and transport

days of the week and jobs


care for farm animals and animals

food and drink

moving and daily communication

holidays and months of the year

friends and hobbies

emotions and characteristics

sport and exercise

Extra materials


With our extra materials, students can work independently and collaboratively. Challenging puzzles, mazes and word searches are some examples of worksheets. You have five different worksheets for each picture book that you can download. In addition, mini-flashcards can be printed so that students can play the game memory alone or in groups or one of the other assignments described in the manual.


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