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With Kids, pupils aged 4-8 learn the basics of English in a playful way. For each grade there are five thematic picture books with accompanying manuals and flashcards. Our clear teacher’s guides also provide instructions for the games, songs and audio stories on the IWB.


Tweens for ages 8-12 is an adventurous English course.
The pupils work online at their own level and pace and in the classrooms they work with adventure books. Clear manuals give you inspiration and guidance. Tweens is the ideal combination between books and online!


Tracks is an adaptive English method for secondary education, ISK and MBO.

The students will work independently online and in class you will use what has been learned to actively communicate with each other; Blended Learning at its best.

Because each student works at his own level and you as a teacher can choose which “track” the student is working on, you can easily differentiate while you have insight into the progress. Ideal for any teaching situation!


Use the storybooks to practice the speaking and reading skills of the pupils together. With this exercise tool they also learn new words in the context of the story. The storybooks can give your class just that little push to feel more at home in speaking a foreign language.

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