Which level do I need?

Are you going on holiday to an English-speaking country? Do you want to pass a Cambridge English exam? Or do you want to be able to talk to your English speaking customers? Below, you can find some guidelines that tell you which level you need. After reading this, you can set your own learning goal and go for it!

Our levels

Let’s first help you by giving an overview of our levels. The corresponding CEFR levels are in brackets.

Beginners (Pre-A1)
Discoverers (Pre-A1)
Explorers (Pre-A1)
Pioneers (Pre-A1)
Breakthrough (A1)
Elementary (A2)
Intermediate (B1)
Upper Intermediate (B2)
Advanced (C1)
Proficiency (C2)

For more information on how our levels compare to international standards, have a look at the graphic at the bottom of this page.

Holiday & tourism

I want to be able to book a hotel, to ask directions and to ask for things in a shop.
Target level: A1 (Breakthrough)

I want to be able to have a simple conversation with local people in English.
Target level: A2 (Elementary) / B1 (Intermediate)

I want to be able to interact with local people spontaneously and fluently.
Target level: C1 (Advanced) / C2 (Proficiency)


I want to be able to have a simple work-related conversation with my English-speaking customers.
Target level: A2 (Elementary)

I want to be able to talk about work-related issues and take an active part in discussions and meetings.
Target level: B2 (Upper Intermediate)

I want to be able to talk to my business partners effortlessly and fluently, give lectures and write reports in English.
Target level: C1 (Advanced) / C2 (Proficiency)

Study and exams

I want to pass my Cambridge English exam
Key (KET): A2 (Elementary)
Preliminary (PET): B1 (Intermediate)
First (FCE): B2 (Upper Intermediate)
Advanced (CAE): C1 (Advanced)
Proficiency (CPE): C2 (Proficiency)

I am going to take an IELTS test
IELTS score 4-4.5: B1 (Intermediate)
IELTS score 5-6.5: B2 (Upper Intermediate)
IELTS score 7-8: C1 (Advanced)
IELTS score 8.5-9: C2 (Proficiency)
Universities often demand an IELTS score of 6-7

Our levels and the international standards

In this graphic, you can see how the Holmwood’s levels compare to CEFR and other international standards. Click on the graphic to enlarge.



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